Underwater Lighting

SuperYacht Underwater Lighting

Superyacht Elite Weld In and Thru Hull Series Underwater Lights boast the highest Lumen output currently available on the market. 

Elite Series

The Elite Superyacht  series boasts the highest fixture lumen light output currently available on the market.

Available in White, Blue or RGBW Colour Change which can be controlled via our dedicated touchpad controller or app. Alternatively the lights can be integrated into the yachts existing DMX control system

Elite Series

Flush fit weld in section for either steel or aluminium hulls

The LED cartridge can be serviced or upgraded from outside the hull, designed to fit in fuel and water tanks or where access inside the hull is limited.

Elite Series

Designed and manufactured in the U.K by a team of highly skilled industry experts with over a decade of experience on many of the worlds largest Mega yachts.

Our products incorporate the very latest technology to deliver exceptional performance, efficiency and reliability.


Underwater lighting

Surface Mounted

High quality and unrivalled performance.

Reduced cost solution to comparable products.

Simple “one person” installation.

Best solution if limited access inside the hull.

No large drill hole required.

Transom or side mounting.

Huge range to choose from


3 Models to choose from.

Small 1″ Hole cutout required.

Safe and secure fit.


Thru-Hull Interchangeable

Removable cartridge can be serviced or upgraded from inside the hull.

Safe, secure Thru Hull fixing

No hauling required.

Ultra Low profile bezels.

Perfect for Transom or side mounting

4 models to choose from